The Cornucopia Destiny Yacht

Majestic isn't just a term used for Queen Elizabeth II. You can revel in pure majesty too if you take a trip aboard our cherished Cornucopia Destiny Yacht. Launched in 2002, the Cornucopia Destiny continues to capture the spirit of luxury. This amazing vessel is bedecked with two dance floors, three bars, five restrooms, and two levels with space large enough to accommodate 250 party-seeking guests. With window-lined walls for an all-around view, you can take in the greatness of nearby sights like the famous New York City skyline, the Brooklyn Bridge, Ellis Island, and more. Enjoy these world-beloved emblems from one of our two indoor decks, our cocktail dining room, or our 10,000 square foot dining room. Perhaps you might even want to enjoy the view from our observation deck. With never-ending lineups of weddings, parties, holidays, and friends just wanting to get together for a great time, the Cornucopia Destiny Yacht is ideal for whatever "party breed" you desire.

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